Gossip Gamer Unboxes: Loot Crate’s September “Galactic” Box

Hey everybody! As promised, I am going to take a stab at doing some unboxing posts since I’ve recently purchased a few subscription boxes that I am very excited about. I know it is common to do an unboxing video, but honestly my webcam is not that great and I don’t want to give you crappy material - especially since I have little experience with making quality videos.

Now, on with the box!

I received my seventh box from Loot Crate a month ago (better late than never, right? Right? I’m sorry… x.x), which is a monthly subscription box that delivers crates of awesome to geeks and gamers. Their boxes have a theme every month, so all their items will revolve around that - from t-shirts to collectible figures, it is different every time. As a subscriber, you also have a chance to win a mega crate, which is full of huge (and expensive!) prizes. September’s box was Galactic themed, which I can’t say I was too thrilled about only because I’m not much of a sci-fi/space person. Not that I’m not open to it, I guess I just haven’t had much exposure (like my boyfriend is adamant about getting me to watch Aliens).

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A fun point and click adventure game that keeps you guessing until the very end! I recommend playing the previous game, Monster Basement, first, otherwise the story will not make sense.

The story: So you managed to escape from the basement, but your troubles have only just begun. The escape route to your home is still locked and danger lurks around every corner. However, not all of the house’s residents want to harm you…

I played this game years ago and I still love it. Hard to find really good point and click adventure games these days. This sequel is a big improvement from the previous one. The creator expanded on the story and the same great music and sound effects make their debuts again. There is more room to explore, new characters to meet (or avoid!), and various puzzles to solve to progress. Although it can be easy to get stuck (because some items require odd tricks to find), you may need to look up a walkthrough. Overall the game is short if you know what you’re doing off the bat, but that doesn’t take away from the experience. Best played with headphones on.

Have you always wanted your own pair of Bayonetta 2 specs? Well, now’s your chance to pre-order them! They’re a little expensive, but can you really put a price on such a cool pair of glasses? Click above to find out more.

The 11-year-old star of Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead, Clementine, is the next bad-ass gal to get her own action figure. And if you don’t buy it—Clementine will remember that. Click above and check it out!

HM Hero by Lethalityrush
Wii Fit Trainer ain’t havin that by bandit-dart

A fun point and click adventure game that keeps you guessing until the very end!

The story: You wake up and find yourself locked in a strange basement. Turns out you will be the main course for a monster and his family tonight…unless you can find a way to escape.

I played this game years ago and I still love it. Hard to find really good point and click adventure games these days. Although there isn’t much of a story established, the ending will most likely surprise you (and it gets super tense!). The music and sound effects really add to the creepy atmosphere, so I recommend playing with headphones. The puzzles were also very good, but if you get confused, there is a poster in the game that leads to a walkthrough. The game isn’t too long if you really know what you’re doing, but can take some time for beginners. :)

Fans of the “choose your own adventure” genre will love this game! You should play the previous game, Dead Frontier: Outbreak, first.

I suppose I won’t reveal certain parts of the story in case anyone cares about spoilers. The main gist: you are managed to survive the worst of the outbreak of this contagious virus that turns people into murderous monsters (AKA ZOMBIES), but there are still many challenges ahead. Can you find all the supplies you need to help save your group?

As I said before: this game isn’t for everyone. I am personally a “choose your own adventure” enthusiast - I don’t always need crazy action, just a great story and tons of options for choices to progress the narrative MY way. I love to see how far I can go without making a bad choice. If you loved the voice actor from the previous game, he’s back again to read the tense storyline. There are plenty of new choices to make - some of which are fatal errors, some of which can save your life. Can you make it home in one piece?

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