Gossip Gamers’ Adventures in Gaming and Anime!

Games I’m Currently Playing:

  • Diablo III - my boyfriend and I have been having a lot of fun playing the Xbox 360 version. He’s a demon hunter and I’m a wizard. Check out that stylish hat and those fragrant Pox Faulds pants :D image
  • Batman: Arkham Origins - I recently started this one and I’m enjoying it so far. I love the Batman universe, especially since it has such colorful villains. However, I find some of the minor assassins to be a bit of a letdown - that Electrocutioner? Really? And Firefly reminds me of a variation of Metal Gear Solid 3’s The Fury.
  • Bravely Default - recommended by a fan to play this. I had heard good things, and now I can see why!

Anime I’m Currently Watching:

  • Monogatari - I just finished the current season and I must say, it has been my absolute favorite of the series so far. By the way it ended, I can definitely see potential for future seasons.
  • Kill la Kill - still manages to shock me with every new episode. Breaks my heart that it will be ending soon!
  • Golden Time - definitely my anime of the year so far. Some may wonder why, that there’s more outrageous or exciting or interesting anime out as well. But that’s just it - this anime is a simple romantic comedy with just enough drama and a few twists to make me come back for more. No supernatural entities, no crazy mystery, no lady bits flashing all over the place - just a normal anime telling me a story.

Remember, guys - I love getting messages from you guys to discuss what you think, so my ask box is always open. :)

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