Gossip Gamer’s Adventures at Special Edition: NYC Part Two - The Art

Unfortunately, I did not get the names of every person that I bought art from. Next time I’ll make a conscious effort to get the info from all the artists I buy from. If anybody out there recognizes the work and who it is by, please let me know! I’ll name the few that I have though:

1. Elvis by Celia Calle - my boyfriend and I always say hi to Celia every time we see her in NY cons. He started buying her art in 2012 and I bought my first poster this year!

2. Shoujo Batgirl by Kate Bresnahan - Or as I like to call the work: Batgirl-chan! Very adorable poster and I could not pass this up. I got stopped so many times during the con so I could direct others to Kate’s stand so they could also buy it.

3. Top Horror Movie Characters - I got this piece not just for myself, but also my dad, who is a huge horror movie buff. Michael Myers from Halloween is my favorite of the bunch. :D

4. Link from The Legend of Zelda - I typically don’t buy art that features video game characters (it just never turned out that way), but that is one great mature representation of Link.

5. Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z - I grew up on Dragon Ball Z so this series is near and dear to my heart. I’ve also got a thing for antiheroes, although he does eventually become a true hero. :)

6. Captain Levi from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin - My inner fangirl is quite satisfied with this purchase. By the way, this and the last two posters were done by the same artist!

7. Ross and Danny from Steam Train - I’m a big fan of their channel and this is such a cute poster! :D

8. Jon and Arin from Game Grumps - Jon (who has his own channel) is actually no longer working with Arin on the channel (Danny took over), but he is still the original “not so grump.” :)

9. Gamagori and Mako from Kill la Kill - GAMAGORI AND MAKO FOR THE WIN! I SHIP THEM FOREVER!

10. Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - my boyfriend HEAVILY made fun of me for this one, but I am not ashamed. ;D By the way, this and the previous three posters were made by the same artist.

Loot Crate’s June Box Theme Revealed - TRANSFORM! :)

Loot Crate is an epic monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers for under $20. It is like Christmas every month - from t-shirts to collectible figurines, you’ll get your money’s worth and more! Each month has a theme and I’m excited to announce May’s theme as:


June’s box promises many items that transform, and more! This box is conveniently arriving around when Transformers: Age of Extinction is coming out (June 27th), so we’ll definitely get something Transformers related. I wonder what the other items will be…definitely going to be an interesting surprise.

In addition to all the initial transforming stuff, this month also features…

An exclusive t-shirt you can’t find anywhere else!

Except maybe eBay if someone decides to sell it from their crate. I wonder what they’ll put on it…

But wait, there’s more! As a subscriber, you’re automatically entered to win that month’s MEGA CRATE! This month’s mega crate:

This month’s mega crate is valued at over $1000, which is worth even more than last month’s. You can win an 8 inch limited edition 1/500 Loyal Subjects Nemesis Prime, a Hexbug Strandbeast, a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Metroplex…but wait, there’s more! I can’t say I’m into the figures, but I am interested in the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller and a Nintendo Wii U 32Gb Mario & Luigi Deluxe Set! I haven’t felt the need to buy a Wii U at the moment, but it would be amazing to win one.

Want a chance to win all this? Be a subscriber! Don’t know how to become one? Sign up by clicking here. At $13.37 + $6 shipping and handling ($19.37 in total), this is a steal. Be sure to check out their other monthly plans as well.

So what are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE NOW! This is Gossip Gamer approved!* :D

*Okay maybe I’m not exactly a huge authority on anything, but you all know I’m passionate about all things nerdy and I’d never steer my followers wrong. I was very happy with my Titan and Adventure themed boxes. You can read my reviews here and here. :)

Use code JUNELOOT to get $3 off your box!

Video preview: The Evil Within - set for release on October 21 in North America and October 24 in Europe. It will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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