Loot Crate’s August Box Theme Revealed - HEROES! :)


In the words of Courtney Gripling from the old Nickelodeon show As Told By Ginger (anybody? I loved that show as a kid):


Get excited for the upcoming Heroes Crate by Loot Crate!

Well, I guess Loot Crate couldn’t let the villains have all the glory. For the month of August, they’ve assembled an awesome collection that celebrates the good guys. Items for their next crate draw from HEROES in both geek & gamer lore, and thanks to a partnership with our friends at Funko, Looters will be getting a very special exclusive POP! collectible that you will not find ANYWHERE else. 

Last but not least, since their custom Villains box last month was so well received, we’ll be getting another surprise when we open our August one!

No news on the mega crate yet, but I’ll keep you posted!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now! At $13.37 + $6 shipping and handling ($19.37 in total), this is a steal. Be sure to check out their other monthly plans as well.

This is Gossip Gamer approved!* :D

*Okay maybe I’m not exactly a huge authority on anything, but you all know I’m passionate about all things nerdy and I’d never steer my followers wrong. I was very happy with my Titan and Adventure themed boxes. You can read my reviews here and here. :)

Just out of curiosity: who are your favorite heroes that you’d like to see featured in the box? What are some of your favorite heroic quotes?

I’ll post some of my favorites every day this month!

Gossip Gamer Unboxes: Loot Crate’s July “Villains” Box

Hey everybody! As promised, I am going to take a stab at doing some unboxing posts since I’ve recently purchased a few subscription boxes that I am very excited about. I know it is common to do an unboxing video, but honestly my webcam is not that great and I don’t want to give you crappy material - especially since I have little experience with making quality videos.

Now, on with the box!

I received my fifth box from Loot Crate a few days ago, which is a monthly subscription box that delivers crates of awesome to geeks and gamers. Their boxes have a theme every month, so all their items will revolve around that - from t-shirts to collectible figures, it is different every time. As a subscriber, you also have a chance to win a mega crate, which is full of huge (and expensive!) prizes. July’s box was Villain themed, which I was extremely excited for. We all know heroes are important figures in any narrative, but the villains are the characters we just love to hate. I’m personally a sucker for the bad guys with the complicated back stories that add that bit of spice and fear to any story. This is a theme I approve of! I was not particularly pleased with last month’s Transformers box - you can read my review here.

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Link, all you do is wre-e-eck me in this new video for Hyrule Warriors. The Hero of Time is wielding the Power Gloves (first appearance: Link to the Past), which give him the power to lift heavy objects, toss pillars of stone, and wield a wrecking ball-like morning star.

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