Looking for a fast scare? Check out Purgatorium, by the same author that gave us Exmortis and Exmortis 2.

The story: You wake up in a strange room. Confused, you need to figure out why you are here. But something is clearly amiss in this place.

The graphics are pretty good, considering this was whipped up very quickly. Sometimes the “creepy” elements can come off as a bit cheesy, but you will appreciate the surprise twist in the story. As a tip: sometimes you need to wait a little bit for certain things to occur, so don’t worry if you feel as though you’re missing something.

Not the greatest horror flash out there, but considering this was created very quickly, I have to give the author props. This game is also a fun way to scare your friends in a short amount of time. :D

Liked the first Exmortis? Check out the sequel here! I won’t say much about the story, because you should really play the previous game beforehand to fully understand the premise/universe.

This game is even better than the first, definitely one of the best horror flash games on Newgrounds. It is definitely recommended to play this game with headphones and with the lights down low. :) The creators put a lot of love into this sequel, from using actual EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recordings, which is what ghost hunters use to record the paranormal, to using pictures from actual haunted locations around Australia. Give it a try!

I actually backed this game on Kickstarter a little while back and I am SO glad they succeeded. The creators are so sweet and truly care about their fans, plus the game is awesome! You can also play it on their website, but you just need to make an account. I find it great that they kept their games free, but just ask for donations to make sure future chapters happen. So far they’re already on episode four!

The premise: The game has a very Edgar Allan Poe or H.P. Lovecraft feel to it, with a dark and mysterious tone along with some jump scares littered around just to keep you on your toes. It is a point-and-click adventure, so exploring is key as you try to uncover clues to figure out what had happened to your childhood friend.

I adore games like this. I also love the homage to older games, because the creators choose to go with original pixel-art visuals. You may initially think the game will feel dated, but it certainly does not. It has top-notch, beautiful orchestral music - I actually got the soundtrack as a reward to backing them on Kickstarter. I totally recommend playing this with headphones to appreciate it and the unexpected scares. :)

This game is quite nostalgic for me - I can remember playing it with my friend Joanna back in eight grade. We got SO scared whenever something happened…not much has changed since then. :) Released in 2004, this was our introduction to the horror genre of flash games.

The basic story: you wake up in the woods with no memory of how you got there. You see a decrepit house and decide to take shelter - but something is very wrong in this place. I recommend playing with headphones.

I found the game to be pretty balanced: there are times for exploration as you try to solve different puzzles and piece together what happened in this house…and times where you encounter brutal violence and different scares. The story is solid and the ending is not quite what you’ll be expecting. I recommend giving it a try and seeing what early flash horror games were all about. :D

Gossip Gamer’s Fright Night #1 - Happy October!


Ah, October - there’s so many things to look forward to this month. New York Comic Con starts next week on the 9th, the smell of pumpkin is everywhere, and there’s going to be some awesome horror games coming out soon. We’ve got Alien: Isolation coming out on the 7th and The Evil Within is releasing on the 21st.

That’s not all to look forward to, though. American Horror Story: Freak Show arrives on the 8th. I also can’t wait to start watching my favorite horror movies, although you can’t trust television stations - they air the same few the whole time. AND I finally got my hands on a copy of the board game Betrayal at House on the Hill, so that is definitely up first for family game night this month. And of course, there’s Halloween itself. :)

I’m the biggest baby when it comes to this stuff. I startle SO easily and I’m a bit squeamish. However, nothing thrills me more than a good scare from a survival horror game - it is all in good fun! :D I plan on playing a new horror game as much as I can this month and giving you my thoughts on it. On the days I can’t play anything, I’ll find some spooky videos or provide some recommendations for some other frighteningly fun stuff.

I also changed the soundtrack on my blog - I’ve got some ghostly tunes from my favorite video games and movies. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Happy gaming!

~ The Gossip Gamer

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