Oh, FIFA 13 is up…

Sports games bore me. Meh! x.x

12:48 - Kinect is a huge part this time. Clear commands without having to use any sort of menu or your controller. Looks great. Make a poor choice, you’ll be sure to hear about it from the announcer.

Oh hey, Madden NFL 13 too.


12:50 Joe is playing the game! He’s issuing commands and will hopefully lead his team to victory - true fans of this genre will probably love the Kinect voice feature to give commands.

12:51 TOUCHDOWN! Guess being a real quarterback gives you an advantage. ;)

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The Games Of Summer

Memorial Day represents the official unofficial beginning of summer, but apart from a blistered hot dog wedged in a soggy bun, what else do you have to look forward to? This summer’s crop of games isn’t packed with lots of high-profile titles, but there are more than a few games worth taking a look at.

Note: Release dates subject to change. This is not a complete release list


It seems like summer is doing most of its heavy lifting up front, with June housing the season’s high-profile titles Duke Nukem Forever and Infamous 2. The month has a little something for everyone, however, from Child of Eden to Dungeon Siege III to The Legend of Zelda: Ocraina of Time on 3DS. Duke Nukem Forever and Ocarina of Time together again? It’s the late ‘90s all of a sudden.


Will there be anybody in the entire world who picks up both NCAA and Catherine? I put the number of people who do in the single digits, and Phil’s not one of them.


Summer ends on a low-key note, although it’ll be interesting to see which game is good enough to put its franchise back to prominence – Driver: San Francisco or Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Of course, Deus Ex has a much higher threshold to meet, but then again maybe Driver’s crazy out-of-body-experience jumps the shark even for that franchise.

The August calendar is a little in flux, as it remains to be seen if games like Lord of the Rings: War in the North or Dead Island come out in the month or later in the fall.

What do you think of these games? Which ones are you going to get – or are you going to dig into your gaming backlog instead?

Last night, Stephen Colbert brought up Madden NFL 12 during his ThreatDown segment. It seems that Colbert has a problem with the new concussion rule, which will take players out of a game once they receive a concussion. It’s better if we just let Colbert explain himself.

Colbert also shakes a finger at Superman and Glee, but jump to 1:40 if you want to see what he has to say about Madden NFL 12.

Madden Lawsuit: Creator Of First Madden Game Sues EA

This Week's New Releases: Madden NFL 11

Robin Antonick, the creator of the first Madden football game, is suing Electronic Arts for tens of millions of dollars he says he owed for royalties as well as, potentially, billions in profits.

In the suit, Antonick says he created the Madden football video game in 1988 when he made the first 11 on 11 video game for the Commodore 64, MS Dos, and Apple II platforms. He says he “developed the game both with programming expertise and knowledge of former Oakland Raiders head coach John Madden’s behavior in calling plays in certain game situations.”

"Only recently, as a result of publicity surrounding the 20th Anniversary of the Madden video game did Antonick become aware that Electronic Arts did not independently develop subsequent versions of its Madden NFL software," says the complaint. "Instead, according to recent statements by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, the current generation of software apparently derived from software developed by Antonick."

Antonick says he hasn’t received a payment for the game since 1994, and now he would like disgorgement (a repayment of ill-gotten gains that is imposed on wrong-doers by the courts) of the series profits — that would add up to billions of dollars.

Football, as an entity, seems wrapped in legal squabbles right now, whether it’s this video game thing or the potential non-happening of the football season. I’m not much of a fan of these games, but I know plenty of people that this will make very, very sad. What do you guys think? Do you care about football?

Girl Gamer Stamps

Don’t worry guys - I have one for you at the end too. That was the only guy gamer stamp I could find, sorry! Hope the rest of you gamer chicks display your stamps proudly. :)

Who Would Win The Tecmo Super Bowl?

Okay, so the Steelers and that Wisconsin team are playing a big football game today. People love talking about who will win, even going so far as to run simulations in the current version of Madden. But what if these two teams were facing off back in the golden age of video game football?

I’ll be honest: I don’t play a lot of sports games…but that wasn’t always the case. I used to play hour after hour of Tecmo Super Bowl on NES, and as a result, the entirety of my football knowledge is based on rosters and statistics that are two decades old . In my world, the Dallas Cowboys are always the best team, and the New England Patriots are always the worst.

So, I have no idea who will win today’s game. I don’t know anything about these teams. But according to my outdated, early-’90s recollection, I’m pretty sure that the Steelers would win if they were playing the Packers in Tecmo Super Bowl.

What do you think? Here’s the topic of discussion: Steelers versus Packers in Tecmo Super Bowl. Who emerges victorious?

(If you want some hard data to base your choice on, I highly recommend Paul Schulzetenberg’s detailed Tecmo Super Bowl FAQ)

Wow, a place where games like Madden and WoW haven’t touched people. Somehow, Grand Theft Auto didn’t surprise me…I feel like that’s TOO western for Japan to enjoy. But Xbox in general??? I know they’re big Nintendo fans, but THAT I could not believe. Check out the list!

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