Rumor: It isn’t confirmed if these are legitimate (but they certainly look it), but these are apparently screen shots of Battlefield 4. Stay tuned for tomorrow - Electronic Arts is promising a first look at some gameplay!

Upcoming Skyrim DLC Rumored to Include Dragon Mounts & Morrowind!

Fans of the Elder Scrolls series are definitely looking for a more kick-ass DLC for Skyrim after the release of Heartfire. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice DLC which boosted my gamerscore and provided me with the chance to release my inner mother/interior decorator, but I want some action now!

According to OXM, the rumored DLC Dragonborn may add many new amazing aditions to the game, based on the update files from newly discovered code in the PC game, most notably a new feature that allows players to use dragons as mounts. Sweet! :D There are also hints Morrowind will be returning for upcoming quest lines, which was last seen in the Elder Scrolls 3.

Keep in mind this is all rumor until Bethesda gives the final word, but from what we’re hearing this may be the best DLC yet! Fingers crossed that this is all true!


Rumor: Microsoft Document Detailing Xbox 720?

I’m not usually one to buy rumors about stuff like this, but Game Informer made some pretty good points in one of their latest posts:

The document uncovered a few months ago dates back to 2010, and shows Blu-ray compatibility, augmented reality glasses, a new Kinect, and a 2013 release window. It also shows a $299.99 price point.

The document also references Microsoft’s Smart Glass, which was detailed this year at E3. Seeing Smart Glass in the PDF certainly lends some credibility to the document, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fake. Microsoft also could have abandoned the plans detailed here in the two years since it was created.

You can download the full 56 page document by clicking here.

What do you think? Could this layout be possible or is it totally fake?

Possible God of War Teaser by Sony?

According to Game Informer, Sony posted this teaser image on their Facebook page. People have speculated this is possibly related to a future God of War IV, however we can’t rule out a potential announcement about the PS Vita.

What do you think it is?

Rumor Alert, PS3 Gamers: Next PlayStation To Be Called ‘Orbis?’

Kotaku has heard from a reliable source (specifics could not be provided, unfortunately) that the next PlayStation’s codename is Orbis. It is planning to be released for the 2013 holiday season.

Would could that codename possibly mean? Well, absolutely nothing to me. Kotaku speculated that it may have something to do with the Sony’s handheld system, the PS Vita. Apparently “Orbis” in Latin means “circle” and “Vita” means “life,” so if you mash the two together you get “the circle of life.” This could mean the Vita will play some important role with this new console. Their theory is a bit farfetched, but hey - you never know!

Attention, Gamers: The Next Xbox Will Not Be Released In 2012

Sorry, gamers. No Xbox 720 for us just yet.

Boo! Hiss! Jeer!

Hey don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just relaying the info! Despite how disappointed I’m sure a lot of us (including me!) are, a French Microsoft executive stated that the company will not release new hardware in 2012, despite all the rumors circulating that there may be a new console on the horizon.

Game Informer reported that Microsoft France marketing director Cedrick Delmas said, “We’re in an industry that talks a lot, that likes telling stories. I am not convinced that things will happen this year. The Xbox 360’s cycle is not over at all. The proof is that we haven’t price cut this year. Afterward, what will happen at E3, it’s still too early to say. What’s certain is that there will be nothing new in 2012. If we wanted to counter Nintendo, we would have to be in a position to release something immediately, and that is not at all the case.”

He continued, “We’re not here to counter Nintendo and they’re not here to fight the other manufacturers. Nintendo has put itself in a different cycle, it’s going forward to its own rhythm, with success as we have seen with the Wii, and now it’s their turn to present their innovation.”


Rumor: Another Four Wii Games Drop To $19.99

Word on the street is that the Nintendo Selects collection of discounted Wii games is about to double. So which games could be joining The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Mario Super Sluggers?

Kotaku cites “retail sources” that claim that Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario Galaxy will drop to $19.99. The games are expected to join the line on August 28.

How awesome would this be if it were true? Everything except Strikers is solid-gold fun. Plus, Paper Mario and Punch-Out!! deserve much more attention than they got the first time around.

Game Informer requested comment from Nintendo and, as expected, received word that it “does not comment on rumors and speculation.”

Was Resident Evil 6 Spotted?

Capcom has a lot of different Resident Evil titles going on these days, from Revelations on the 3DS to Operation Raccoon City. Now there’s a rumor that Resident Evil 6 is also on the docket. Its about time!

Game Informer has reported that Game Bandits has a shot taken from a reported Capcom event in Japan that shows the above logo for the title with the date “15.09.2011.” Now, before you get excited about the game coming out this September, that date is also the first day of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, so it could be that the company is planning a reveal at the show.

Is this report true? We’ll have to wait and see!


Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Could Feature 4-player Co-op

The Mass Effect series has been all about your own journey as Commander Shepard fighting to save the galaxy, but that could change with the third entry in the series if BioWare adds 4-player co-op missions.

CVG is reporting that an anonymous source has suggested that Mass Effect 3 will feature a “handful” of co-op missions designed to be played over and over again. BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka also told Eurogamer, “We haven’t talked at all about multiplayer in the Mass Effect franchise, but we’re exploring multiplayer in all of our games and all of our franchises.”

The remarks mirror what executive producer Casey Hudson told us in an interview during our Mass Effect 3 cover story. “As a single-player experience, and just as a world that people want to immerse themselves in and share, we’ve been trying to think of a way that makes sense for people to experience Mass Effect with their friends. We haven’t yet come up with a way to do that, so we don’t have anything to announce at this time. But, obviously, multiplayer is something we want to do more of in the future as a company.”

Has BioWare finally come up with an idea that works? 4-player co-op missions would be an exciting direction for the series, but how well would players embrace multiplayer in a story driven Action/RPG? We’ll just have to wait and find out.


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