Nerd Girl’s Boba Fett Tattoo

Might as well have the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy watching your back.

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Hardcore Ewok Tattoo

Okay, you win. Ewoks are terrifying.

Art by Nate Cook

Spectre Insignia Mass Effect Tattoo

Once you reach the rank of Spectre, galactic law no longer applies to you. Because it’s fictional.


Awesome Native American Stormtrooper Tattoo

Pulling off nerd AND cultural pride in one tat? That’s impressive.


Triforce Shoulder Tattoo

It started as just a triangle tat, because hey, who doesn’t love triangles?


Batman Hip Tattoo

Batgirl is getting creative with where she displays her insignia.



This combination is highly illogical.


Darth Vader Head Tattoo

The next logical step is getting his face tattooed across yours.


Legend of Zelda Chest Tattoo

At this point, the Triforce may have overtaken Japanese nonsense as the hot girl tattoo of choice.


Gameboy Tattoo

They say it is a tattoo, but sort of looks like a drawing to me. =p

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