Going on Tumblr in public places can be quite…risky.

I mean I try not to, but I don’t have any work to do right now during my free so I figure I might as well blog a bit or just check out what’s hot on my dashboard. I’m in one of my school’s computer labs - I don’t bother bringing my laptop to school because it is quite heavy, plus most of my classes don’t allow you to use one.

I’m sure this has happened to some of you: I’m going through my dashboard, seeing if there’s anything worth hitting the reblog button when of course, all of a sudden (as a few guys pass by my computer) the page starts to load more posts when I hit the bottom —-

And my dash is flooded with porn. Yes, of course…porn. For a good 5 posts or so.

I mean, Tumblr is a free country (heh). You’re allowed to basically post what you want, and I don’t have any problems with that. If I were by myself, this wouldn’t be a big deal - you can just scroll down and ignore it, and maybe gawk at a few. But of course the guys see it, give me this weird look, one whispers something to his friend, and walk out laughing…most likely at me. Gah.

Thank God college is quite a big place, and I’ll probably never see them again.

That’s what I get for following risque bloggers…well that’s not really a fair word, I just wanted to use it. This one girl I follow posts some amazing stuff, but when she gets in the mood for some pretty graphic stuff…good Lord, it is most definitely not appropriate for work. XD

Oh well, that’s my story for the day. Maybe I’ll post another later talking about my weekend. =) But for now, on with the gaming!




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I am most distressed.

‘My Bloggy Wog’ is my primary blog and I don’t want it to be.

This blog is fairly old and not at all well written - in my opinion. It is also incredibly filthy; which is fine, but I have always kept this blog a secret from anyone I know in my non-internet life, with only…

Oh my goodness, I am going through the same thing! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is annoyed by the fact that Tumblr won’t let you change primary blogs. I started my original blog first, ~Tales of a Scandalous Lady~. So if you ever see yourself being followed by this blog or “laprincipessabelladiva” that’s me! I hate that Tumblr says the option to change your primary blogs isn’t allowed yet…why the hell not? WordPress allows you to, and maybe that’s why they’re the more esteemed of all the blogging sites. I love Tumblr because it is simple - but maybe that very thing is becoming a nuisance. Not only does this site crash all the time, but it won’t even allow little things like changing primary blogs. I can’t even just delete that blog - I only use it now to reblog lots of random stuff that I like - without deleting my whole account! I wouldn’t want to do that and lose my Gossip Gamer blog! I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into that thing and I love that blog and the people who follow it.

I’m sending Tumblr a message about this. Might not do much, but better than just doing nothing. I suggest you guys do the same thing if you’re angry about this too!



I got this message like…50th when I kept trying to get onto my blog. Tumblr, you’re awesome, but why do you have so many errors for such a big name website…?



I got this message like…50th when I kept trying to get onto my blog. Tumblr, you’re awesome, but why do you have so many errors for such a big name website…?

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True story, my followers. :)

True story, my followers. :)

Tumblr, control your beasts!

Is it me, or is Tumblr getting overwhelmed a little too often nowadays? I swear I was told 20 times in the past few minutes that they had to feed those damn beasts again…

Makes blogging a little too hard, I hope Tumblr figures out how to fix this problem. I understand this site is super awesome and a lot of people are using it, but it is a tad annoying. =p

It just hit me…

…would anyone like me to do a recommendation for them??? :D

I’d be glad to, just message me and let me know!

Gaming Tumblr Themes

Hey, does anybody know any cool video game Tumblr themes out there on the web? I’d make my own, but I’m sort of HTML code illiterate…

Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks, guys!

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