Dead Rising 2 DLC Is Half Off

Looking for an excuse to check out the extra Dead Rising 2 content? Four major pieces of content have had their prices slashed.

The 360 Deal of the Week has listed all of the Dead Rising 2 DLC at dramatically reduced rates for the week. Case Zero currently costs 200 Microsoft points ($2.50). Case West is at 400 points ($5). Plus, both the Psycho and Soldier Skills Pack cost 80 points apiece ($1).

Have you previously picked up any of this DLC? Do you think you might pick up any of these new content pieces at half-price?

[via Xbox Marketplace]

Microsoft Tweaks XBLA Game Ratings Requirements

In March, some indie developers complained that gamers could too easily manipulate the Xbox Live Arcade games rating system in order to artificially push some games up or down the service’s Indie Games chart. Now Microsoft has responded with a few tweaks to the ratings system.

Microsoft now says that only Xbox Live Gold members can rate indie games on, whereas previously this was open to Silver members. However, Silver members can still rate titles through the 360 itself. Also, Microsoft says that it won’t roll back the number of one-star votes that some games have received.

This issue started when some indie developers complained that some gamers were deliberately giving one-star votes to titles that were threatening their favorite games in Microsoft’s Xbox Live Indie Games Chart.

We’re not sure what kind of effect banning Silver members from voting on will have, so it’ll be interesting to see how this situation develops.

Awesome XBLA Sale Is For One Day Only

Some of the best Live Arcade games on the service are half off, but only on Friday, April 15th.

If you don’t already own Castle Crashers, Limbo, Monday Night Combat, Shadow Complex, and Trials HD, you should. They’re all awesome in their own right. The five Microsoft Game Studios’ published games are all normally 1200 Microsoft points ($15) each. Right now, each of them is instead 600 points ($7.50).

Have you been waiting to try any of those games out? If so, now seems like a pretty great time.

Bulletstorm’s Gun Sonata DLC Available Today

With a name like “Gun Sonata,” you’d think this DLC pack would have a bunch of cool new weapons. Instead, you get some new maps…though that’s pretty cool, too.

The DLC is available right now on Xbox Live, and will be on PSN later today. The PC release of Gun Sonata is still happening, but it isn’t out today. Look for that one at some ambiguous point in the future.

So, what exactly do you get for your $10? Gun Sonata includes 2 new Echoes maps and 3 new Anarchy maps. You can read the official Xbox Live listing for the content here.

Bulletstorm has been out for almost two months now…are you still playing it? If not, are these new maps enough to bring you back?

Overheard on Xbox 8

Ever hear something horrible and/or hilarious on Xbox Live? Send your submissions to overheardonxbox at gmail or post them to my ask box and I’ll feature them!

I once knew a guy who made his GT “like seven midgets”, so when playing online with him you’d get messages like “You killed like seven midgets” or “You were beaten down by like seven midgets”.

I was playing COD:MW2 and I walked into a lobby and into the middle of a conversation between some people and this girl.
Girl: “Yes. I’m a girl“ 
Boy 1: “Shouldn’t you be in the kitchen?”
Boy 2 “Yea, you should be making me a sandwich with you left hand cause girls don’t have rights.” (Get it?)
The room: (laughing)
Girl: “OMG, that’s racist!!”
The room: (slient)

Not that it really matters, but her avatar was blond…

I play Black Ops every couple weekends or so, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m not incredibly good, but I do alright. My username is mopar_chick**, so I usually get subjected to some hilarious comments. This past weekend, I was doing absolutely terrible and was raging pretty hard, when some guy started giving me shit for being a girl. I promptly told him that this was the closest he’d probably been to a girl in years and to shut the fuck up and make me a sandwich.

So, I was playing search and destroy on MW2, and this kid starts yelling at us for doing bad after a game. I ask him if he had to get his mommy to buy the game for him, to which he was less than pleased. Before I even get the chance to retort to his stream of f-bombs, I hear the kid shout, “Hey mom look at the new gun I unlocked!”

Back in the good ole days of Halo 2 I let my dad play, he’s about as good at an FPS as an intoxicated monkey, meaning he will run around with the gun pointing straight up. Anyways someone from the other team continually keeps telling him how shitty he is, he retorts with “Listen here you fucking cocksucker, I’m going to shove my dick so far up your ass your going to choke on it!” Dude shuts up and leaves immediately. Way to go old man.

I was playing Halo Reach on St Patricks Day and there was this one guy in the lobby who had a clover for an emblem and entirely green armor. When we started the game he put on a fake Irish accent and said stuff like: – ‘suck my potatos’ when he teabagged people
- ‘Oh no, This is worse than the potato famine’ when he died – ‘Ayetiditidi, I found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’ when he found a good weapon like a rocket launcher, energy sword, etc.


Rumor: Free-To-Play Games Coming To Xbox Live?

Free-to-play and microtransaction oriented games have taken the industry by storm, especially in the PC marketplace. Now, reports are surfacing that Microsoft’s Xbox Live online service — which has generally been focused on paid titles — might be embracing free-to-play games in the near future. IGN reports that “a trusted source” had told them that “[Microsoft] will allow publishers and developers to release games through the service for free where users can then purchase additional content, such as weapons, experience points, in-game currency, and perks.”

If true, this would be a massive sea-change for Xbox Live. IGN did point out that Joy Ride for Kinect was initially introduced as a free-to-play, microtransaction-driven title when it was announced at E3 in 2009. Joy Ride was eventually released as a conventional retail game.

Xbox LIVE Rewards Review…

…well, so far at least. Haven’t been using it for that long.

The odd thing about it is that it seems to be very…delayed. I filled out the starter survey which gets me 20 points about a week ago, and the total is just showing up today. I noticed other people were also having this problem, but better late than never, I suppose. Only 20 points anyway. =p

At least Xbox LIVE Rewards is actually, well, rewarding you for making purchases. For example, you can currently get 400 points for buying the new Halo: Reach map pack, Defiant and you could earn 200 points for buying a full year of Gold Membership. Sucks I bought my DLC before I knew about this deal lol. What’s annoying though is that some of the deals don’t apply to people who having been gaming a while using Live. You could earn on 100 points on your first Marketplace purchase, and another 100 for your first Netflix use. Oh well, at least they promise 5% back on all purchases through April.

I’ve been faithfully answering the trivia questions every day, getting a nice amount of them right. Haven’t won any major points yet, and I wonder if I ever actually will. Have any of you been trying out the daily trivia? What do you think of the Xbox LIVE Rewards program if you’re using?

Xbox Live Rewards Membership Just Got Approved!

Woohoo! Now I can start earning some very needed Microsoft points…hopefully. I mean my first opportunity was to take a short survey and earn 20 points which can afford me nothing, but every point does count. Everyone should join up: Even if you’re skeptical, doesn’t hurt to try. =)

By the way, today is Tuesday - you know what to do! If any of you would like a promo for promo, message me! Any recommendations would be very appreciated as well, which you can do here: And any messages with concerns, comments, or suggestions are always welcome!

PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew is an indie game where two players must work together to control their jet-pack equipped hero. The game isn’t played with controllers though. Instead of traditional gameplay, gamers must work together by yelling into their microphones to power their hero. Any Xbox compatiable micrphone or headset will work. Check out the video to see it in action.

Microsoft Tests Your Gaming IQ, Offers MS Points

The Xbox Live Rewards program is still alive and well and has a new offer for users. Answer video game-related trivia questions and enter for your chance to win Microsoft Points to buy whatever your heart desires in their online marketplace.

Visit the Rewards site any day between now and May 15 and you’ll be able to engage in “Gamer IQ Trivia” made up of questions about 360 titles such as Call of Duty or Halo 3. You can instantly win prizes such as 1,000 MS points offered everyday, weekly offerings of 4,000 points, and there’s even a 10,000-point grand prize.

You won’t get disqualified for Google-ing an answer, but note that your score is decided by the number of correct answers and time it took to answer them. Think you might check it out?

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