Gamers of Tumblr: I want YOUR stories!

Hey everybody! Lately I’ve been posting up a lot of video game related drink recipes and party ideas (which I can’t wait to try out myself, but lately my friends have been hookah obsessed these past few weeks), but now I want to hear from YOU. Do you guys have any cool drink mixes or party ideas? Or do you want to be the next to share your embarrassing nerd story for the next “Pwn My Life” post? I know I have a ton of moments where I’m playing a scary game, end up screaming like I’m being murdered, only to have my parents burst into my room in a panic. Yeah, I’m easily startled like that. =p

Come on, everybody - I can’t have an amazing blog without hearing from all of you out there! Even if you just have a suggestion about what you’d want to hear more about from me, just message me from my ask box or reply to this post. =)


Confessions of Another Gamer Chick

This is important, everybody! Check it out!

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